Holiday Decorating Contents in Hudson, MA

The Hudson Downtown Business Improvement District wants to announce that it is, once again, sponsoring a contest for all homeowners in Hudson and all businesses that are located in the Business Improvement District.
For homeowners, the BID is awarding cash prizes of $200 each to three families who decorate their properties for the holidays.
The BID has assembled a panel of volunteer judges that will individually rate the participating properties between December 17th and December 22th taking into consideration design (layout, curb appeal) uniqueness (creativity, originality) and cheerfulness (captures the spirit of the holidays). They will then meet, make their decisions and announce the winners on or before December 24rd. To have your residential property considered for a prize, all you have to do is send an email to the BID on or before 4PM on Thursday, December 16th with your name, address, telephone number and email address to * (please, only register your own property).
All BID district businesses are automatically eligible to compete with the judges using the same criteria as above, however, no registration is necessary. Two businesses will be awarded $200 each for the best window/storefront holiday decorations or displays.
Note: All winners of this year’s contests (both residential and business) will be ineligible to win again in 2022 (just for that one year) to give others a chance.
This can be great fun for the whole family! Let’s get together and bring some holiday spirit to Hudson again this year! Enter your home in this contest right now…before you forget and it’s too late!
*By entering in this contest, you agree to allow the BID to use your name and picture(s) of your property on its Facebook page, on and in the media. The winners are determined solely by the judges and their decisions are final.